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Workers’ compensation accidental injuries

Every injured worker is likely eligible for compensation from their employer under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are denied for various reasons. The workers’ compensation system is an adversarial process. The adjuster working on your case has the best interests of the employer and insurance company in mind, not the injured worker. Our team will process your claim and collect all the required evidence to win the battles with the adjuster. You will receive the compensation you are eligible for so you can focus on recovering from your injury

Public Safety Employees

– Firefighters
– EMT’s
– Paramedics
– Law Enforcement Officers
– Correctional Officers 

Non-Public Safety Employees 

– Pharmacists
– Pharmacy Technicians
– Teachers/Professors
– Electricians
– Transportation/Bus Operators
– Warehouseman
– Drivers/Tractor Trailer/Truck
– Grocery Store Attendants/Overnight Associates
– Race Track Workers
– Merchandise Stockers